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Secure Your Bikes With Different Types of Bike Locks

It isn’t rare to have someone come home and narrate an unhappy story of how they lost a seat, wheel or the entire bicycle to theft. To ensure full security, you need to invest in good quality bike locks.So, locking your bike becomes the obvious choice to secure your bike safely.

But selecting the right kind from the various options of sturdy bike locks is essential else, you may end up with a stolen bike and a broken lock and this article will offer guidelines on picking out these locks.


If you are opting for cable bike locks you need to check if the cables are strong enough to hold the bike weight as well as deter saw or knife attack and this is the most essential feature you would expect from any lock but it is essential that the locking system for bikes is stronger as it is typically parked in the outdoor, rugged environment where the feasibility of it getting stolen is high.


So, it is best to find a credible brand that offers locks that fall in our budget and you may find deals on quality locks online. Along with this, it should be able to hold on your helmet and other items, when you are in a rush.

U Lock Type

As the name suggests, bicycle U lock is U-shaped, the ends of which fit into a crossbar that locks with a key.

Chain Lock Type

This kind of lock allows you to secure your vehicle with another object in a flexible way.

Cable Lock

These may be easily broken using bolt cutters, thus, are not recommended for long-term locking.

Be worry free while working using these different locks to keep your bike safe.

How to lock your bike

First and foremost – always lock your bike! It only takes the thief a few seconds to ride off on an unlocked bike.Also remember that a small U-lock is recommended over a large one, which is typically easier to pry open with the help of a crowbar. Also make sure you remove all the clip-off items and accessories such as water bottles, saddlebags, and lights.

Also, remember to ensure that the signpost you use is cemented strongly into the sidewalk. It is best to rely on good quality combination bike locks and your common sense when it comes to securing your ride back home. The best provider also provide locks, tools, cages and many such bike accessories to make your ride safe and comfortable.

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