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Ways of Taking Blood Pressure Measurements

It is important for someone to keep track of the pressure changes in his/ her body.There are ways through which this can be achieved. It is good to know some important concepts to prevent getting wrong measurements. The blood pressure measurement can be done in any position.If taking the records while seated, one should try to tighten the muscles.

Blood pressure recording should not be done when one is restless or is eager to know the results.This is to prevent the recording of false measurements.

When one wants to take the records of their blood pressure, there are some tips he/ she should follow to achieve correct results. using a cuff that is of the correct size of your hand is necessary.It should not be one that is too large that it doesn’t fit into your hand either should it be too small. On area around the upper arm is where the cuff should be wrapped and few centimeters away from the antecubital fossa. Over the brachial artery is where someone should squeeze the bell on the stethoscope.

At times it is good to use bell or diaphragm because the use of bell on antecubital fossa may be hard to some people.Air is then pushed into the cuff quickly up to 180mmHg.Air that has been inflated is then released slowly. Use the stethoscope to listen and also notice the differences that happen on the sphygmomanometer.Two sounds can be heard showing two types of blood pressure; the systolic and diastolic.When there is the knocking sound it shows the systolic pressure, and when it stops, it shows diastolic pressure.

Blood pressure measuring should be done in all hands. There are differences that might occur for the two hands and it is therefore necessary to note the blood pressure results for all arms. it is good also to record the part of the hand where the cuff was coiled when measuring blood pressure. when one uses a small or large cuff he/she should keep a record of the same.

Some factors have to be taken of during measuring of blood pressure so as to get the correct results. The blood pressure of the heavy guys should be measured using a cuff that is large and fits on their arms. The size of cuff used to take blood pressure measurement for the kids should be one that is not large not to fit into their hands. one should not use a cuff over the clothing because all blood impulses may not be recorded.

It is necessary for one to take great care so as to get the right results. For the best results to be attained it is necessary that one seeks someone who is good at blood pressure measuring to guide or even take the measurement.The importance of knowing your blood pressure is so as to change lifestyle.

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