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The Fundamental Legal Requirements That All UK Businesses Must Fulfill

It is always the case that you will have to meet some legal and ethical responsibilities as an employer towards your employees. When a business fails to abide by some of these responsibilities, it will be facing the potential threat to its reputation and as well be at risk of facing legal charges to the whole practice all of which are quite damaging to the business. This article therefore gets you some of the basic legal requirements that must be met by the businesses operating in the United Kingdom.

Wages and taxes. There is a set minimum for wages that every single employer in the United Kingdom has to pay to their employees. The minimums are often varied according to the age categories of the concerned employees. The employees in the United Kingdom of 25 years and over will enjoy a guaranteed hourly pay of 7.20 pounds in every hour of service as those between the ages of 21 up to 24 resting with an assurance of not less than 6.70 pounds in every hourly service. The law further demands on every employer to deduct taxes, national health insurance contributions and student loan repayments for their employees where applicable.

Health and safety is the other necessary requirement that needs to be fulfilled by all United Kingdom employers a condition that demands on them to ensure that they provide their employees a safe and healthy working environment. The standards to be followed by a company will be determined by the specific industry within which they operate. Look at the case of a construction company which will have its employees taken to a NRSWA training course as an onsite safety training module as a factor stipulated by law. The safety and health requirements demanded by law will have the employees interests like those of paternity, maternity, discrimination and bullying well covered therein.

Businesses operating in the UK will have a responsibility for the provision of insurance. The laws will put a decree out of the statutes that the operations will have to satisfy certain specific kinds of insurance provisions for the business practice and there are those which the corporate will contract out of their own volition to cover their businesses. Legally stipulated, the following are some of the insurances which must be provided by a company operating in the UK as demanded by the workings of the law; employers’ liability insurance, motor insurance, and insurances covering some particular engineering contracts and projects.

As an employer, you must as well be aware of the Statutory Rights of your employees. Their statutory rights provide them with the rights to a 28-day paid leave, maternity and paternity leave and an itemized pay slip.