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How to Clean Windows the way Professionals Do

There are reasons why surgeons raise their hands after washing it in preparation for surgery, and before putting on their surgical close and wardrobe. Or why when washing their hand they would not run their hands in circular motion like most of us do? The reason for this is that they don’t want to spread germs further from where it is located. In the same way, glass windows because of its smooth surface, when handled by a novice would move the dirt, grime, bugs etc., to its entire surface and making it worse than when it is left as it is.

But despite the fact that cleaning windows with the intent of making them sparkle is the most frustrating job ever and is therefore best placed in the hands of professionals, people jump into it instead of learning the rules on how to clean them. If you have the luxury of time to learn the technique that window washers use, then it is fine. If you hire professional window cleaners you will find that they follow specific techniques in getting your window clean and streak free or crystal clear.

First is to invest in quality materials and specialized tools. Specialized to mean the exact size of squeegee or that gadget that they use with a flat and smooth rubber blade to remove or control the flow of liquid on the crystal surface. So if you have a large window, then you need a large squeegee, and if you have a small window, then you need a small squeegee. It is also important to spend the extra money to get quality products. If you want to save time in cleaning windows, invest in liquid solutions which are high in quality.
Why not learn more about Cleaners?

If you want to clean your window properly, there is a right time for doing so. Cleaning windows in direct sunlight is not so good since your cleaning solution will easily dry out before it is removed because the glass becomes hot and dries up your solution.
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If you are using a squeegee instead of papertowels or newspaper, make sure that you use straight strokes either going upward or downward. Tilting your squeegee sideward will likely produce streaks on your window.

You have to clean your inside window first to keep all your cleaning materials unsoiled. Outside windows are exposed to different environmental elements more than your inside window and so they collect more dirt. This is the reason why professionals always start inside.

If you are willing to go that far and have enough time to do it as regularly as possible because you fastidious of having a sparkling window, is it really worth your time to indulge on this task or wouldn’t it be better to delegate this task?