2019 Rugby World Cup Excitement Builds

In terms of international rugby events, the World Cup offers the ultimate experience, for players and spectators alike. When you make the journey to Japan in 2019 between 20th September and 2nd November, why settle for anything less than outstanding rugby hospitality from renowned rugby World Cup hospitality firms like DTB Sports and Events.

You’re watching the best rugby players in the world compete so relish the optimum vantage points, luxuries and state of the art facilities. Savour unique fine dining experiences, free bars and drinks receptions. Meet legends of the sport, past and present, collect souvenirs and memorabilia. You’ll be a VIP, soaking up the atmosphere in the stadium’s bubble, not at home or in the pub viewing the match on a TV screen as daily life passes by the window.

It’s not only private guests who benefit from rugby hospitality, at the UK hosted Rugby World Cup in 2015, 80% of business leaders stated that rugby hospitality was a vital marketing tool, increasing brand awareness and loyalty. Surely this puts a pub lunch in the shade!

The Six Nations competitors, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Italy and France, have already qualified for the World Cup draw, with Georgia, Japan and the four Rugby Championship sides. On 10 May 2018, the 12 teams will be split into 3 groups of 4.

New Zealand have dominated the rankings and the World Cups, but England are ranked 2nd thanks to an undefeated 2016 record and so expectations are high. 2015’s hosts performance didn’t quite meet hopes or dreams with England falling prey to stellar opponents and going for an early bath.

Ireland claimed their first ever victory over New Zealand in November 2017 and Australia has also suffered a defeat against England, so the southern hemisphere may not have the grip on victories it once boasted.

Ticket demand exceeds supply

The Rugby World Cup 2019 website recorded that a “total of 864,000 ticket applications were received from fans in more than 100 nations during the opening priority sales phase, with ballots run for packs where demand exceeded supply, resulting in 300,000 tickets being allocated.”

“Team pack highlights include more than 100,000 ticket applications for the Japan team pack, more than 50,000 for the England team pack and more than 30,000 applications each for New Zealand and Ireland team packs.”

Japan Rugby 2019 CEO Akira Shimazu commented, “This strong demand for tickets reflects the excitement that we are feeling the length and breadth of Japan.”

World Rugby Chairman Bill Beaumont said: “We are delighted with the initial demand for Rugby World Cup 2019 tickets more than a year out from the tournament, which demonstrates the domestic and international attraction of Asia’s first Rugby World Cup.”

Rugby World Cup hospitality providers are among the small number who have tickets, and all the extras, available. The hospitality packages, pre-arranged and bespoke, are in great demand and waiting to secure a place will lead to disappointment for many.

When considering international rugby events, everyone wants to be at the Rugby World Cup.