How To Become a Truck Driver

Life on the road is a dream for many and reality for some. If you’re interested in getting paid to travel across the country, life as a truck driver may be for you. The process of becoming a truck driver is easier than many would think. Check out the list below to understand what you need to do to become a licensed truck driver.

Research State Requirements

Before you can hit the road and start taking on grain hauling jobs or livestock hauls, you will need to get your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Do research to determine the requirements for your state. Be prepared to encounter requests for proof of residency and identity. You will also have to pass several exams such as a vision exam, a written test and a skills test. In order to pass the tests involved, you will want to investigate truck driving schools.

Truck Driving School

Research truck driving schools for CDL training in your area. The program can take anywhere from 30 days to just under 3 months. In addition to providing you with a hands-on learning experience and classroom education, some schools will offer you employment opportunities upon graduation after you obtain your CDL.

Get Your License

Expect to encounter a 3-part exam during your CDL skills test which includes inspection, demonstration of control skills and driving. Once you pass your test, you will be issued your CDL.

Find Work

If you did not attend a truck driving school that offers immediate employment, see if they offer opportunities to place you with a partner company. You can also do research on what trucking companies will hire new drivers who don’t have any experience or look up local jobs.

Many truck driving companies are offering opportunities for new drivers to get trained and employed within months. If life on the road sounds like an adventure, start researching your state’s CDL requirements and truck driving schools now.