It Is Time to Renovate Your Garage

It is time to embrace the extra square footage that your garage gives you. A garage can be usable space for more than just vehicle storage. With proper planning, a garage can be used as a workspace, a living space, or a recreation space.

Clean Out the Junk

Too often a garage becomes a catch-all for things. A great start to your newly repurposed garage is a garage sale. Take everything out of the garage and sort through all of your stored items. Think about what can be thrown away, sold, and donated. Once you have separated these items, you can have a good handle on what you are keeping, and what will be going away.

Touch Up and Repair

Once you have cleared out your garage, it is time to pay attention to any repairs that need to be done. Check the garage door to ensure it is in good condition and proper working order. Repair any damage to the walls, fill holes, and give a fresh coat of pain. Take a look at the garage floor to see if it needs to be resurfaced. A good garage flooring system can keep your garage floor looking great for years to come, even with heavy use.

Add Your Storage.

Now that you have a fresh and clean starting point, it is time to add your needed storage. Since you have already sorted your belongings, you determined what items will continue to be stored in the garage. You can plan your storage around the items you know you need to store. Work tools and gardening tools can be hung on the wall. Shelving and cabinets can be installed. Need moveable paint supply storage? Consider adding phenolic caster wheels to standing storage containers to make them mobile.

Create the Space You Want

Now that your garage is clean and organized it is time to consider what you want to do with your newfound space. You can add a computer desk and use it as an at-home workspace. You can hang up a television and add functional seating to create a new lounge area. If you have the room add some fitness equipment. There are many types of equipment that can easily collapse down or fold up if your extra space can’t house large pieces all the time.

Once you get your garage in order the options are endless. Take advantage of the extra square footage, and create a space you never expected you would have.