3 Package Design Trends

There is a lot to consider when thinking about packaging design projects Portland OR. In the first place, it is important to keep your product safe and secure on its journey from your facility to the customers’ home. It is also important to choose packaging that is appealing to your customer. Like it or not, a large portion of consumers’ buying decisions are based on the appearance of the package, despite conventional wisdom to the contrary.

Tracking and analyzing trends in package design can be very illuminating and potentially beneficial. This is true whether you decide to follow the trends or defy them to make your product stand out.

1. Tactility

In many cases, physical products have given way to the digital and the virtual. At times, it can give the world of commerce an air of unreality. However, there are certain products that can never be digitized. Marketers are leaning into the sensory experience these products provide by making them more tactile. This is accomplished by making packages of unusual shapes and applying textures.

2. Nostalgia

Fear and uncertainty on a national and global level have predominated the public consciousness for at least the past few years. In a world where people no longer feel secure, they tend to gravitate toward products that remind them of a simpler time. Package design has therefore seen a significant trend toward the nostalgic and retro. This can include elements such as gilded detailing and old-fashioned, calligraphic typography on the label.

3. Sustainability

Originally prized for desirable attributes such as transparency and sturdiness, plastic packaging has since fallen out of favor as people find out how much of it has made its way into the environment and the harm it has done there. Marketers have responded to an anti-plastic movement among consumers with a move toward packaging that is biodegradable and safe for the environment and the creatures that live there, including human beings.