3D printers have swept the nation. With a design, you can create anything! The layering process can create incredible 3-dimensional masterpieces in a matter of hours. Have you ever wondered how exactly 3D printers work and why people love them so much? Here’s the ultimate guide.

What Does a 3D Printer Do?

These printers follow a computer-aided design to create anything, from real guns to toys. These printers follow a specific patter to layer and form the design. 3D printers can use a variety of materials to build your desired product, but the most common material is plastic.

These machines are called printers because normal jet ink printers also layer ink on top of paper. 3D printers use the same theory, but they continue to layer on top of previous layers to create a physical form.

Why Are They Useful?

With a design, you can print basically anything you want. …