Common Things Made With CNC Fabrication

Most of us have heard about 3d printing, which can change the way that things are manufactured in order to lessen waste as well as make some very ornate things. But did you know that the technology behind 3d printing can also be used to create things out of wood and metal? This process is called CNC fabrication and is becoming much more widely used in manufacturing. Let’s go over some unique things that CNC fabrication Pittsburgh PA services can create. 


Ornate gears, or very machine-specific gears can be created using CNC manufacturing. The plus side to this is that CNC uses computer code to move the cutting machines so that it is extremely precise and exact. This sort of manufacturing is perfect for things like gears that need to be extremely precise in order to avoid unnecessary wearing and ensure smooth operation. 

Ornate Hand Tools

Hand tools that are filled with designs and cutouts can be made with CNC manufacturing. Since the computer is in charge, it can use the CAD software it’s been programmed with in order to make precise cuts to make ornate designs as well as cavities to create truly stunning works of art. This type of manufacturing can elevate regular hand tools to make them truly one-of-a-kind pieces that won’t be soon forgotten. 


This is where CNC technology really shines! Being able to engrave beautiful pictures or logos onto metal or wooden objects is something that used to take someone with a hand tool hours, days, or weeks to accomplish. Through the use of CNC technology, engravings can happen in minutes and can be done at a large scale. Companies use this type of technology on cutting boards, laptops, signage and more in order to get their stamp of branding on almost anything that you can imagine.