Most business owners would like to improve their company’s efficiency. Using technology to increase employee’s productivity, widen the hiring pool and promote better organization can greatly benefit a business.

1. Boost Efficiency

There are many programs available that can assist employees in their daily tasks. Accounting programs like Brainware for Invoices can speed up tasks and free up time for employees who would otherwise have to enter the bulk of the information manually. Other programs can automatically track and log purchases and shipments, streamlining the inventory tracking process and gathering data on customers to be reviewed by sales and marketing teams.

2. Expand Hiring Pool

Finding and hiring new employees can take a long time and may be difficult in areas that lack people with the correct skills. Directing candidates to fill out an application on an online system is a great solution. There are programs that can look for …

Businesses that are operating during the pandemic face an increased risk of disease transmission within their facilities. This could potentially lead to increased liability for illnesses or losses incurred as a result of poor operational strategy. Whether your business has been shut down for months or if you are getting ready to ramp back up to full operations after a slow down, there are ways you can manage the risk associated with SARS-Cov-2 transmission. 

1. Implement Sanitizing Processes

It almost goes without saying that you will need to implement a process of increased sanitation. This includes continuous wiping of high contact surfaces such as door handles, light switches, computers, phones and bathroom surfaces. Use a high-quality sanitizing spray that has been approved by the EPA or WHO for virus particles.  If possible, increase the rate of air exchange or introduce outside air to reduce virus particle concentration. 

2. Use Screening

Only your heart, skin, and lungs are vulnerable to diseases as you age, right? Well, not really. Your gums and teeth are also prone to damage, particularly if you don’t practice proper oral care habits, ingest foods that may trigger decay, or visit a Miami dentist for a routine checkup.

What You Need to Know about Gum Disease

Gum disease doesn’t develop instantly, but in stages. This means using basic lifestyle changes and simple diet can help prevent or minimize it.

Gingivitis marks the first stage of this disease, and it’s characterized by red and swollen gums, which bleed easily. You can easily resolve this common condition through improved brushing and flossing habits. The damage can be reversed provided the tissue and bone that hold your teeth intact are not impacted.

However, not resolving gingivitis may lead to a more serious stage of the disease known as periodontitis. It’s the …