Air Motor Uses That Will Blow You Away!

Operating through the use of compressed air, an air motor can greatly improve the productivity and output of mechanical work. Also known as pneumatic motors, but more commonly called air motors, these devices can handle both rotary motions and linear motions when used in combination with different types of pistons, turbines and actuators. Whether you are in the market for a new air motor or simply looking to improve the function of your existing air motor operations with a product like the Gast air motor rebuild kit, consider these different industries where air motors are used.

The Food and Beverage Industry

Air motors can be especially useful for the processing of different types of food, when it is important to run an operation more cleanly. By using compressed air rather than smelly fuels to run, an air motor helps keep the food processing environment more sanitary. Air motors can also be used in the packaging departments of food centers in order to speed up the process, whether it is for boxing, labeling or preparing products for delivery.

The Transportation Industry

With the high amount of shipping that occurs in modern society today, efficient methods for maintaining vehicles are one of the most important factors for the transportation industry. By incorporating the use of air motors, mechanics and engineers can change tires and wheels more quickly than through other methods. Air motors are also used in tire balancing procedures to improve the techniques required.

The Construction Industry

Think of all the activities necessary for contemporary building development and likely there are air motors involved somewhere in the process of each one. Air motors have improved many parts of the construction industry, such as mixing machines for concrete or paint, chopping machines to produce fiberglass and better wrench design for increased torque multiplication. Without air motors, the construction industry would likely not achieve as much success in its projects.