If you are searching for an alternative retirement plan, consider investing in annuities, such as fixed deferred annuities. Learn why annuities are good investments, how the fees and disbursements work, who should invest in annuities and what you should consider before investing.

Why Invest     

Annuities provide guaranteed consistent income that is not affected by the market, so they have reduced risk. In addition, annuities are pretax investments, so the wealth is tax deferred. Some annuities offer lower costs and expanded fund options.

The wealth of those with annuities tends to last longer, and annuities offer legacy planning with reduced tax burdens on the heirs. For example, heirs may receive a lump sum or regular incomes without an additional tax burden.


Annuities are tax-deferred initially, but during the payout period, investors pay income rather than capital gains tax rates. However, non-qualified or post-tax investments may result in a portion of …