Different Types of Commercial Glass

DWhether you own a professional office building or a cute and casual boutique, you want it to look gorgeous and inviting. This means choosing the right glass for your interior and exterior windows. When the time comes to call a commercial glass company Baltimore MD, it helps to know which types of commercial glass there are. This way, you can more easily communicate your needs.

Traditional Clear Glass

Transparent glass is the most common and often most affordable type of glass available for businesses. It is especially popular in boutiques, restaurants, beauty salons, or other places where a customer may want to get a glimpse inside to decide if he or she wants to enter.

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass provides a bit more privacy as well as helps to protect employees or clients from the heat or sun outside. It is especially helpful if your office is in direct sunlight with little to no shade nearby.

Safety Glass

Opt for safety glass if your business is one that is a higher security risk, such as a bank or a pawn shop. Safety glass holds together better under pressure from bullets or other attempts to break or shatter it. Bulletproof glass can also be installed.

Frosted Glass

If you want sunlight but also wish to maintain privacy for your employees or clients, frosted glass is an excellent choice. Frosted glass is slightly cloudy and is common in doctors’ offices or spas.

Stained Glass

Stained glass adds elegance and beauty to a wide variety of businesses. From the hushed quiet of a church to the loudness and fun atmosphere surrounding a nightclub, stained glass provides a wide range of emotions and style. It is also common in upscale restaurants.

Whether you want stained glass for your restaurant or a traditional window glass that shows off your newest merchandise, always have your commercial glass installed by a professional. It is also important to check local laws, as some types of businesses are required to have specific types of glass.